Not in a Smarter Us [2018]

Upcoming Release

With technology moving at a break neck pace, computers are becoming smarter every day, but what about humans? How can we become smarter? We keep blaming the internet and social networking sites. But the problem lies somewhere even deeper. As a young boy, Subhajeet Mukherjee dreamed of creating a new and different kind of operating system. Determined to succeed he continued to work on his invention. Now, Subhajeet takes you on a journey, from concept to finished invention. Though it has been a long road, and he has faced many rejections, he hopes to revolutionise operating systems in the future and create a Smarter Us.

Love Without Sensuality, A Supernatural Love Story [2014]

Love Without Sensuality

I wrote the main idea and the manuscript when I was fifteen/sixteen just casually. I didn't think of making it public or publishing it at that time mainly because of my limited knowledge in terms of publishing and limited access to the internet. I started reviewing the manuscript when I was in High School back in 2013. During my review process, I realized that the manuscript was filled with errors and thus, I decided to publish this book without fixing any grammatical errors to preserve the real emotions of me in the story. I think it worked out well.